Transformation and Healing After Trauma, Loss and Grief


Broken Systems, Shattered Lives

The children who enter the Los Angeles County Welfare System often come from violent and abusive families – only to be placed in another, sometimes worse predicament. Too many of these children will die as the system that is supposed to protect them fails to keep them safe. These children are a disenfranchised minority – abused by their parents and by the system, sentencing them to a lifetime of suffering.

This book provides a rare insider’s view of the child welfare system . It takes an in-depth look at the effects on the children under its care., those who are mandated to help and the homes in which they are placed. Ours is a broken system that often creates long-lasting, negative consequences for the children, families, and professionals who are a part of it.

The Hero’s Journey

Using guided meditations, the author leads the addict on an inner journey dealing with issues related to self-esteem. Self-awareness, inner harmony, and serenity come about by sitting still and listening to our inner voice and paying attention to feelings as they arise. Self-esteem improves as our self-relationship becomes more accepting.

Stepcare Recovery Guide

The Recovery Guide is a multidisciplinary approach to addiction. The goal is to educate, increase personal awareness, and empower the addict with a focus on improving social skills, integration of difficult feelings such as shame and guilt, and a systematic approach to rebuilding his/her life. This is accomplished by carefully designed exercises to increase self-knowledge.

Trauma, Loss and Bereavement

This is a personal journey as the author recounts his devastating loss of an infant daughter. It reflects the knowledge and experience gained by working with others who have had similar losses. It is an empathic and compassionate look at sudden overwhelming loss and lessons learned in the healing process.