Transformation and Healing After Trauma, Loss and Grief

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A blog by author and trauma expert Gary W. Reece, Ph.D.

Saving Face By Gary Reece, Ph.D. Our understanding of the importance and relevance of Self-esteem has evolved over the years. My understanding of it was deepened by research on the effects of trauma in early childhood. I have also studied it and seen the effects of damaged […]

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What were they thinking?

What were they thinking? by Gary Reece, Ph.D. Shock, horror, fear, helplessness, disbelief, pandemonium, confusion, terror, anger, and vulnerability, all are normal responses to sudden, unpredictable, shots fired in a public place. When violence breaks out during a routine passage thru airport security, or in any public […]

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Violent/Rage By Gary Reece, Ph.d. I first saw a young man, call him George, 30 years ago in a clinic. His parents brought him to see me because they had become very frightened of his behavior. He was withdrawn, had stopped eating and apparently told them he […]

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By Gary Reece, Ph.D. “Trouble?” echoed my sister; “trouble?” and then entered on a fearful catalogue of all the illnesses I had been guilty of, and all the acts of sleeplessness I had committed, and all the high places I had tumbled from, and all the low […]

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Adults Behaving Badly

Adults Behaving Badly By Gary W. Reece, Ph.d. The 11:00 news has become a depressing recount of all the stupid, violent, impulse ridden, out of control, episodes of adults behaving badly. In short they have given themselves to their emotions overriding all social conventions, morality, good sense, […]

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